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  1. Pork meat is budget friendly, tasty and perfect for everyday meals. At Delhaize Belgium, in 2014 the whole range became “mieux pour tous” or “better for all”, proposing a very nutritionally complete meat which is better for the environment.

    The pork “mieux pour tous”, stands for:

    • a juicy and tender meat;
    • animals with a varied, healthy and balanced diet;
    • a high balance between omega-3 and saturated fats.

    What are omega-3 acids?

    Omega-3 are essential fatty acids, whose nutritional benefits are well known today. They are indispensable since the body does not know how to make them. They must then be absorbed from food sources (up to 2,2 g per day). However, we only eat half of our omega-3 needs. In order to rebalance your omega-3 intake, choose grass- or flax-fed animal products (our range “Mieux pour tous” or “Better for all”), rape oil, bread with flax flour, fatty fish (e.g. salmon, mackerel and sardines).


    Audrey Lenoir, a known chef and Delhaize Belgium ambassador, met Geoffroy De Hults, category manager Fresh Meat at Delhaize Belgium, to whet your appetite.

    Audrey : Hello Geoffroy ! How would you explain the success of pork?

    Geoffroy De Hults : “It’s a delicious meat, easy to prepare and cheap. In addition, it is used for numerous preparations and is part of everyday life of many families. It is truly a remarkable product.”

    Audrey : What is the situation of breeding pigs today ?

    Geoffroy De Hults : “Agriculture, worldwide, sometimes tends to opt for productivity to the detriment of animal welfare and thus of everyone’s welfare. But today more and more producers favor a very qualitative approach for the animals which is also more eco-friendly.”

    Audrey : It is the very principle of “mieux pour tous”…

    Geoffroy De Hults : “This label is indeed based on a very simple principle:

    We all have the right to eat well. That is to say: better food for animals means better food for humans. We work with farmers who adhere to an agricultural approach focusing on animal health in the farms. All our pork meat has the label “mieux pour tous” and comes from animals with varied, healthy and balanced diet. Its nutritional profile has a better ratio between omega-3 (from plants) and saturated fats.”

    Audrey : And isn’t it a better choice for the environment too?

    Geoffroy De Hults : “The livestock sector with which we work favors a return to traditional methods, thanks to the cultivation of ancestral crops naturally rich in omega-3 (flax, lupin, grass and alfalfa, etc.). This type of farming promotes biodiversity rather than monocultures which are harmful to the environment. It offers a greater diversity of landscapes and contributes to the fight against global warming. These efforts are of course only possible thanks to the farmers, all passionate about the approach.”

    Audrey : How to ensure the quality of the range “mieux pour tous” in Delhaize Belgium stores ?

    Geoffroy De Hults : “Several clinical studies have been carried out and more than 150 studies regularly published in scientific journals show evidence of the merits of the approach. The producers of the sector are of course regularly controlled, as is the case for the meat we sell in our Delhaize Belgium stores. »

    Audrey : Let’s go back to cooking… In terms of quality, what are the differences between the pork “mieux pour tous” and the other pork meats?

    Geoffroy De Hults : “Better food for animals contributes to reinforce the overall quality of the meat : tenderness, juiciness, preservation, etc.”

    Audrey : Which pieces of meat to choose to take better advantage of the nutritional qualities of pork proposed at Delhaize Belgium ?

    Geoffroy De Hults : “The more fat the product contains, the greater the presence of omega-3. The minced meat, the sausages, the pâté, the bacon, etc. have thus a higher concentration in omega-3.

    The good taste of meat comes from the good fats: fats that melt in the mouth.”

    Audrey : Finally, what advice would you give to properly cook pork meat ?

    Geoffroy De Hults : “Do not hesitate to sear it and avoid cooking it for too long!”


    Do you feel like enjoying a meal with pork?


    This article was initially published in Delhaize Magazine October – November 2014.

    Extracts of the article were used for this post.